NC 300/430/570/710

STEAM STERILIZERTechnological solutionN-Wise™

Our continuous investments in research and development have enabled us to develop horizontal steam sterilizer series with innovative Air-Cooling System which reduces the water consumption during condensing steam.

Double door versions are practical for high throughput use. A large display (with second, smaller screen on double door units) shows all parameters and messages plus offers diagnostics for servicing. A built-in printer records the cycle and an optional data interface enables the operator to keep track of all conditions through NüveCloser™ software on PC. A large range of safety features and self-diagnostics provide full user protection. Double door versions are ideal for central sterilization centres having clean and sterile sides.



  • Chamber and STU capacity:
    NC 300: 299 litres, 4 pcs. STU
    NC 430/430D: 428/440 litres, 6 pcs. STU
    NC 570/570D: 567/580 litres, 8 pcs. STU
    NC 710/710D: 707/719 litres, 10 pcs. STU

  • Steam driven one-piece chamber gasket made of silicon

  • Wide screen allows monitoring all related information regarding sterilization cycle.

  • N-Wise™ microprocessor control system with 800x480 pixels 7’’ colourful touchscreen.

  • Wi-Fi connection for N-Mobile™ application for traceability and instant notifications

  • 7 pre-set programs, 50 custom made programs.

  • Two test programs: Bowie & Dick and vacuum leakage.

  • Memory for last 1,000 cycles.

  • Double door versions with 4,3” display on the clean side: NC 430D, NC 570D, and NC 710D.


  • Chamber, steam jacket, door and steam generator made of 316L stainless steel and conform to PED 2014/68 EU Pressure Equipment Directive.

  • Thermal printer offered as standard.

  • Standard NuveCom™ communication unit.

  • Worldwide access via Ethernet port with NuveCloser™.

  • USB port to store data on memory stick.

  • Standard RS 485 connection for PC.

  • Ideal design for the steam sterilization of packed or unpacked surgical and dental instruments, operation linen, glass, plastic, rubber and silicone materials, infusion liquids, microbiological cultures and medical waste.

  • Pneumatic valves in the steam lines.

  • High capacity, low noise water ring vacuum pump for efficient vacuum.


  • Innovative AIR-COOLING system for low water and energy consumption.

  • Service menu to detect the problem in case of a failure.

  • Independent control system besides the main control system to record the data related to every cycle.

  • Password protected menu access.

  • Comprehensive self–diagnostic system for possible system malfunctions.

  • Pneumatically controlled door opening with safety system.

  • Conforms to the requirement of EN 285 European Standard for Large Steam Sterilizers.

  • Sending e-mails up to five e-mail addresses with the details of failure.

  • Optional AlerText™ GSM alarm module.

  • High-quality valves, sensors, and transmitters for a problem free and safe operation.



NC 430D*

NC 570

NC 570D*

NC 710  

NC 710D*

Chamber Volume, litres






Capacity For STU 1 STU 300x600x300 mm (WxDxH)




Sterilization Temperatures

121°C - 125°C - 134°C - 136°C

No of Preset Programs

7+1 Liquid Program+1 Drying Program

No of Free Programs


Test Programs

Vacuum leakage and Bowie & Dick

Minimum Vacuum Level

100 mbar

Control System

N-Wise™ Programmable Microprocessor Control System


800x480 pixels 7’’ Colourful Touch Screen

Chamber Material

316L Stainless Steel

Jacket Material

316L Stainless Steel

Steam Generator Material

316 L paslanmaz çelik

External Material

304 Stainless Steel

Standard Accessories

STU and STU carrier, 200 lt. water tank

* Çift kapılı modeller


A 08 097    Loading cart OT 300
A 08 098    Loading cart OT 430
A 08 081     Loading cart OT 570
A 08 107     Loading cart OT 710
A 08 080    Water softening unit
A 08 102     Air compressor 10 bar, 50 lt.
A 08 122     Carrier with two shelves (NC 430)
A 08 123     Carrier with two shelves (NC 570)
A 08 125     Carrier with two shelves (NC 710)
S 09 026    Basket (STU) 300x600x300 mm
A 08 104    Thermal Paper 20 rolls pack
F 06 091     Hepa Filter

A 08 192     AlerText™ GSM alarm module
A 08 236    NuveCloser™ Software for PC (monitorize through internet)



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