NC 40M/90M

VERTICAL LABORATORY STEAM STERILIZERSSterilization of liquid and culture mediaN-Smart™


Especially developed for the steam sterilization of liquid and culture media, NC 40M and NC 90M offer a flexible temperature probe can be placed in a liquid container to ensure that the required sterilization time only starts when the fluids themselves are at the temperature stated in the protocol.

Cooling by forced air ventilation over chamber reduces the cooling time. A fractionated exhaust system protects fragile products such as glassware from breaking. Careful design provides a larger flask capacity than most steam sterilizers of similar volume for the most popular flasks.




  • Two different chamber volume: 42 and 90 litre

  • Maximum capacity:
    NC 40M: 2x5 litres
    NC 90M: 3x8 litres

  • Sterilization temperature range: 105°C to 135°C

  • Especially developed for the steam sterilization of liquid and culture media

  • Powerful and reliable N-Smart™ microprocessor control system

  • Operating parameters can be tracked graphicMassive data storage with internal memory which stores the records of last 500 cycles in detail and 29.500 cycles as summaryally against time

  • Chamber made of 316L stainless steel

  • Manometer for chamber pressure

  • USB port to record the operated cycles in the memory to a memory stick

  • USB port to record the operated cycles in the memory to a memWi-Fi connection for N-Mobile™ application for traceability and instant notificationsory stick



  • Cooling by forced air ventilation over chamber

  • Reminder for gasket and filter replacement

  • Reminder for gasket and filter replacementRemote failure diagnostic by means of NuveCloser™ software

  • Operating parameters can be tracked graphically against time

  • Flexible temperature sensor to measure the exact liquid temperature

  • Programmable delayed start function

  • Five pre-set programs which guarantee safe sterilization of the treated material

  • Two free programs for liquid and solid and a special program for melting

  • Ethernet port for remote access through internet by means of optional NuveCloser™ software

  • Optional panel type printer to keep the records of the sterilization cycle

  • Validation port



  • Hassas malzemeler için programlanabilir darbeli egzoz sistemi

  • Colour of the display changes to red in case of an alarm condition along with an audible alarm

  • Password protected control system, service and calibration menu

  • Standart validasyon portu

  • Fractionated exhaust system for sensitive materials such as glass

  • Comprehensive self-diagnostic system

  • Safety precautions for lid opening depending on the type of the sterilized material

  • Lid safety system

  • Safety valve against overpressure

  • Memory for the last 100 failures

  • Sending e-mails up to five e-mail addresses with the details of failure
    Optional AlerText™ SMS alarm system for ultimate security

  • Chamber manufactured according to 2104/68/EU



NC 40M

NC 90M

Chamber Volume, litres



Temperature Range

105°C - 135°C

Control System

N-Smart™ Control System


4,3'' Colourful LCD Display

No of Preset Programs

2 for liquids, 3 for solids

No of Free Programs

1 for liquids, 1 for solids

Melting Program Temperature Range

60°C - 100°C

Timer for Free Programs

1-300 minutes

Timer for Melting Program

1-60 minutes

Chamber Material

316L Stainless Steel

No. of Baskets

2 pcs. (Ø 295x242 mm)

3 pcs. (Ø 360x242 mm)


S 09 027      Perforated basket (Ø295x242 mm)
S 09 028      Perforated basket (Ø295x345 mm)
S 09 029      Unperforated basket (Ø295x345 mm)
S 09 030      Unperforated basket (Ø295x232 mm)
S 09 040      Perforated basket (Ø295x160 mm)
S 22 004      Separator between baskets

S 09 034      Perforated basket (Ø360x360 mm)
S 09 035      Perforated basket (Ø360x 242 mm)
S 09 036      Unperforated basket (Ø360x360 mm)
S 09 037      Unperforated basket (Ø360x232 mm)
S 09 041       Perforated basket (Ø360x160 mm)

A 08 104    Printer paper (20 pieces)
A 08 191      AlerText™ GSM alarm module (Sim card not included) 
A08 237     NuveCloser™ Software for PC (monitorize through internet)

NC XXX Y     Panel type thermal printer
NC 90ME      NuveLift™ to load/unload basket for NC 90M



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