NC 100

VERTICAL STEAM STERILIZERFor heavy duty workloadsN-Smart™


NC 100 heavy duty steam sterilizer has advanced technology for the sterilization of textiles, wrapped or packed materials and glass. Operators are freed up by its automatic operation, its maintenance-free vacuum pump and its instant recall 5 pre-set or 10 user-defined programs. Product safety is guaranteed by the pre-sterilization vacuum control to eliminate bubbles and post-sterilization fractionated vacuum control for sample drying.

With its 4,3’’ colourful display, N -Smart™ control system includes pre-set program for ease of use. Operated programs can be transferred to memory stick through USB port for traceability.



  • Chamber volume: 104 litres.

  • Sterilization temperature range: 105°C to 136°C.

  • Powerful and reliable N-Smart™ microprocessor control system.

  • 5 pre-set programs: Universal, Solid rubber material, Prion, Quick unwrapped, Sensitive material.

  • HEPA filter at air intake line.

  • 10 free programs and two special programs for liquid sterilization and drying.

  • Vacuum leakage and Bowie & Dick test programs.

  • Optional panel type printer to keep the records of the sterilization cycle.

  • Safety valve against over pressure.

  • Massive data storage with internal memory which stores the records of last 500 cycles in detail and 29.500 cycles as summary.

  • Reminder for gasket and filter replacement.Remote failure diagnostic by means of Nüve Closer™ software.


  • Operating parameters can be tracked graphically against time.

  • Advanced technology for the sterilization of textile; wrapped or packed materials and glass

  • Reminder for gasket and filter replacement.

  • Memory for the last 100 failures.

  • USB port to record the operated cycles in the memory to a memory stick.

  • Wi-Fi connection for N-Mobile™ application for traceability and instant notifications

  • Ethernet port for remote access through internet by means of optional NüveCloser™ software.

  • Pre-heated chamber to eliminate condensation on the chamber walls and speed up the heating of the samples.

  • Integrated steam generator for fast production of steam.


  • Comprehensive self-diagnostic system for possible failures.

  • Process evaluation system.

  • Colour of the display changes to red in case of any alarm condition along with an audible alarm.

  • Password protected control system, service and calibration menu.

  • Fractionated pre-vacuum to eliminate all air bubbles and achieve successful steam penetration.

  • Fractionated post-vacuum for efficient drying of the samples.

  • Optional AlerText™ SMS alarm system for ultimate security.

  • Sterilization quality matching the needs of EN 285 European Standard for Large Steam Sterilizers.

  • Sending e-mails up to five e-mail addresses with the details of failure.

  • Certified chamber according to PED 2014/68 EU.



NC 100

Chamber Volume, litres


Sterilization Temperature

105°C - 136°C

No of Preset Programs


No of Free Programs


Special Programs

Liquid Sterilization and Drying

Test Programs

Vacuum Leakage, Bowie & Dick

Minimum Vacuum Level

200 mbar

Control System

N-Smart™ Control System


4,3'' Colourful LCD Display

Internal Material

Stainless steel

External Material

Stainless steel and epoxy polyester powder coated stainless steel

Standard Accessories

3 sterilization baskets


A 08 104     Printer paper (20 pieces)
F 06 048     HEPA filter
K 10 065      Basket carrying handle
S 09 038     Perforated sterilization basket with fixed handle (Ø360x242 mm)
S 09 039     Perforated basket with mobile handle (Ø360x 242 mm)

A 08 191     AlerText™ GSM alarm module
A08 237     NuveCloser™ Software for PC (monitorize through internet)

NC 100 Y     Panel type thermal printer
NC 100 A     
Automatic water supply unit
NC 100 E     NuveLift™ to load/unload basket



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