MD 120

MEDICAL REFRIGERATORSReliable temperature conditionsN-Smart™


Heat sensitive drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products should be stored in cold environment and those products need stable storage conditions which cannot be guaranteed by an ordinary refrigerator.

MD Series Medical Refrigerators are powered by N-Smart™ which has internal memory storing temperatures records up to ten years with one hour intervals as digitally and graphically.



  • Advanced technology to store drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products.

  • Temperature range: 0°C / +10°C.

  • Advanced technology to store blood and blood components.

  • Temperature measurement from a liquid which has similar thermal specifications with blood.

  • Optional battery operated 7-day chart recorder with high resolution.

  • Optional NuveCloser™ software to access the operating parameters, failure history, memory and other technical parameters.

  • Stainless steel chamber. High density injected polyurethane insulation.

  • Door window with triple glass for perfect insulation.


  • Powerful and reliable N-Smart™ microprocessor control system.

  • Maximum information with highly visible 4,3’’ colourful LCD display.

  • Massive data storage with internal memory that stores the records up to ten years with one hour intervals as digitally and graphically.

  • Wi-Fi connection for N-Mobile™ application for traceability and instant notifications

  • 2 pcs. USB port for data storage and PC.

  • Ethernet port for remote access through internet.

  • Chamber illumination with on/off switch control.

  • Fully automatic defrost system to maintain cooling coil efficiency.


  • Alarm system for high and low temperature, power failure, temperature sensor failure and open door.

  • Re-chargeable battery to feed alarm system.

  • Remote and central alarm outlets as standard.

  • Optional AlerText™ SMS alarm system for ultimate security.

  • Optional NuveWarn™ remote alarm system.

  • Possibility of sending e-mails in case of any failure.

  • Magnetic gasket on four sides of the door and door key lock.

  • Powerful air circulation system to maintain temperature uniformity and stability and for quick recovery time.

  • Mains power switch key with lock.



MD 120

Gross Chamber Volume, litres


Net Chamber Volume, litres



4,3'' Colourful LCD Display

Control System

N-Smart™ Control System

Temperature Range

0°C / 10°C

Temperature Set And Display Sensitivity


Temperature Sensor

Pt 100

Temperature Uniformity @+4⁰C


Temperature Alarm

Set temperature ±2°C. Audible and Visual

Power Failure and Door Alarm

Audible and Visual

Remote Alarm Contact

For all Alarm Conditions

Alarm Back-Up

Automatic Re-chargeable Battery for 12-hour


Insulated Steel Frame with Triple Glass Window and Key Lock

No. of Selves (Standard/Max.)



High Density Injected Polyurethane

Internal Material

Stainless Steel

External Material

Epoxy-Polyester Powder Coated Stainless Steel


A 08 195     NüveCloser™ Software CD with 3 m. RS 232 cable
A 08 073    Diagram paper for chart recorder (pack of 100)
A 08 191      AlerText™
K 13 009     NüveWarn™ remote alarm system with 10 m cable
A 08 231      NüveCloser™ Multi Software (Connection up to 15 devices)

A 08 070      Pen for chart recorder
A 08 073      Diagram paper for chart recorder (pack of 100)
K 23 040      Shelf carrier for MD 120
R 01 139         Shelf for MD 120
Note: 2 pics. shelf carrier should be ordered for each shelf.

MD 120 Y       Battery operated 7-day chart



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