OHS Policy

Always further with 50 years of experience...

Respect for people and the environment is the basis of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy adopted by Nüve, the leading and reliable company in the sector with its half-century of experience.

As Nüve family, we believe that the successful implementation of the occupational health and safety process is only possible with the joint participation and support of all the employees of the institution, and we do our best to make it an indispensable part of the corporate culture.

In this direction;

We will provide a safe working environment where potentially dangerous situations that our employees may be exposed to, are defined, evaluated and necessary precautions are taken,

We will make material selections in accordance with the occupational health and safety legislation in the supply of raw materials, equipment and personal protective equipment,

We will take OHS risks as a criterion in the implementation processes of new projects and prefer technologies that will improve our OHS performance,

We will provide trainings to our employees in order to make them aware of their occupational health and safety responsibilities,

We will make our company an example company in terms of OHS practices, before affiliated institutions, chambers of industry and associations,

We declare that we will increase OHS awareness by informing our customers, suppliers and dealers.

It will be our primary goal to make the slogan of "zero work accident" a reality by ensuring and maintaining the continuity of these issues, which we have written with all our sincerity.

As a responsible organization, Nüve is aware of the vital importance of a livable environment for the health of future generations and sustainable development.

In this direction, it shows that it attaches the necessary importance to the health of not only its employees but also living things at every point where its brand reaches, by making the necessary arrangements to comply with the Rohs&Reach guidelines.

As Nüve management, we believe that our employees, who are entrusted to us by their families, form the basis of our technology, and we aim for their peace and happiness in our continuous efforts to create value beyond fulfilling legal obligations.


General Manager