Water Distillers

Pure water always available, small to large scale


Rugged and reliable, the NÜVE water distillation units have provided service to laboratories worldwide over many years. Available in a range of supply capacities, there is surely a model corresponding to your needs.

Space-saving for the laboratory, these distillers are wall-mounted and efficient in their power consumption.

The economical NS 103 is a small capacity device designed for laboratories with a limited budget. Nevertheless, they are constructed stainless steel for all surfaces in contact with water, producing ion-free distilled water and long life.

The standard ND Series models are available in 4, 8 and 12 liter per hour output capacity. Economical, through incorporation of pre-heating to reduce boiling time and durable, with a built-in device to reduce calcification, these models also offer protection against boiling dry.


Model Output (L/h) Safety System V, Hz, Phases
ND 4/8/12 4 / 8 / 12 Level detector Pressure det. 400, 50/60, 3ph
NS 103 3,5 Thermostat 230, 50/60, 1ph