Water Baths

Stirred, unstirred, refrigerated & shaking...


With a choice of unstirred, stirred, refrigerated and shaking water baths, NÜVE responds to the expectations of many laboratories. With an excellent quality/price ratio, these items are installed as the standard water bath in many laboratories.

Offering many years of dependable operation, the NÜVE water baths have surprised many scientists by their design and convenience.

NB Series unstirred water baths are the choice of labs with economy at the top of their list. N-Prime™ control system and substantial insulation ensure optimized performance. A built-in drain ensures convenience and time-saving.

BM 30 general purpose water bath offers perfect temperature homogeneity with its powerful circulation pump. The internal memory of N-Prime™ control system keeps the data of last 125 days.

BS 30 refrigerated and heated water bath provide a choice of precision and temperature range. Powerful circulation, matched with N-Smart™ control system, ensure excellent temperature stability. An optional external circulation pump enables them to thermo regulate other devices.

ST 30 shaking water bath was created to fulfil the needs in tissue culture, fermentation and similar applications. Precise operation is ensured by N-Prime™ control system and the bath can accept a wide variety of flasks and tubes.


Model Tank / Useful Capacity (Litre) Temp. Range °C Control System
BM 30 30(17) Amb.+5 / 99,9°C N-Prime™
NB 5/9/20 6(4) / 9,5(7) / 21(15) Amb.+5 / 99,9°C N-Prime™
BS 30 30(17) 0 / 80°C N-Smart™
ST 30 30 Amb.+5 / 99,9°C N-Prime™