NC 300/430/570/710 Horizontal Steam Sterilizers

High load, constant throughput systems

Rugged workhorses, these large, reliable units with side loading are an ideal design for the steam sterilization of packed or unpacked surgical and dental instruments, operation linen, glass, plastic, rubber and silicon materials.

Reduced energy consumption is an important factor with an industrial grade instrument in constant use. The special vacuum pump and air-cooling system with no water requirements for cooling respond to this objective. The instruments exceed the requirements of multiple European Standards and Directives, as you would expect from NÜVE.

8 pre-set and 50 user-defined programs enable all applications to be started in an instant. Double door versions are practical for high throughput use. A large display (with second, smaller screen on double door units) shows all parameters and messages plus offers diagnostics for servicing. A built-in printer records the cycle and an optional data interface enables the operator to keep track of all conditions through NüveCloser™ software on PC.

  • Conforms to the requirement of EN 285 +A2 European Standard for Large Steam Sterilizers.
  • Chamber and STU capacity:
    NC 300: 300 liters, 4 pcs. STU
    NC 430/430D: 430 liters, 6 pcs. STU
    NC 570/570D: 570 liters, 8 pcs. STU
    NC 710/710D: 710 liters, 10 pcs. STU
  • Ideal design for the steam sterilization of packed or unpacked surgical and dental instruments, operation linen, glass, plastic, rubber and silicone materials, infusion liquids, microbiological cultures and medical waste.
  • Chamber, steam jacket, door and steam generator made of 316L stainless steel and conform to PED 2014/68 EU Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • Pneumatically controlled door opening with safety system.
  • Steam driven one-piece chamber gasket made of silicon.
  • High capacity, low noise water ring vacuum pump for efficient vacuum.
  • High-quality valves, sensors, and transmitters for a problem free and safe operation.
  • Pneumatic valves in the steam lines.
  • Innovative AIR-COOLING system for low water and energy consumption.
  • Stemart™ microprocessor control system with 800x480 pixels 7’’ colorful touchscreen.
  • Wide screen allows monitoring all related information regarding sterilization cycle.
  • 7 pre-set programs, 50 custom made programs.
  • Two test programs: Bowie & Dick and vacuum leakage.
  • Memory for last 1,000 cycles.
  • Independent control system besides the main control system to record the data related to every cycle.
  • Comprehensive self–diagnostic system for possible system malfunctions.
  • Service menu to detect the problem in case of a failure.
  • Thermal printer offered as standard.
  • Standard NuveCom™ communication unit.
  • Sending e-mails up to five e-mail addresses with the details of failure.
  • USB port to store data on memory stick.
  • Worldwide access via Ethernet port with NuveCloser™.
  • Optional AlerText™ GSM alarm module.
  • Password protected menu access.
  • Standard RS 485 connection for PC.
  • Double door versions with 4,3” display on the clean side: NC 430D, NC 570D, and NC 710D.