For a precisely controlled biological environment


NÜVE’s expertise in incubation is clearly apparent from the selection of models on the market. These cover compact and medium-sized standard incubators, cooled incubators and a new CO2 incubator, all offering microprocessor control and a host of other advanced features.

Cells and other biological samples in EC 160 CO2 incubator are well cared for.  Its clean chamber approach to resisting contamination is matched by automated disinfection and even optional UV sterilization and offers extensive tracking and data storage to prove the correct incubation conditions by the help of N-Smart™ control system. NuveCom™ communication unit is offered as standard.

EN 032/055/120 standard incubator models provide excellent conditions for the applications required in biology and microbiology laboratories.  Natural air convection minimizes cross-contamination and optimizes the quality of results. N-Prime™ control system allows to store the operating program on a memory stick.

EN 300/400/500 incubators offer economical solution for incubation needs. The internal memory of N-Prime™ control system keeps the data of last 125 days.

ES 120/252 cooled incubators cover applications from freezing tests to quality control in various industries apart from the usual protocols related to biology. A program with 20 steps can be done easily by means of N-Smart™ control system.


Model Capacity (Litre) Temperature Range °C Control System
EC 160 (CO2) 160 Ambient+7 / 50°C N-Smart™
EN 055 / 120 32 / 55 / 120 Ambient+5 / 99,9°C N-Prime™
EN 300 / 400 / 500  22 / 44 / 120 Ambient+5 / 80°C N-Prime™
ES 120 / 252 120 / 252  -10 / +60°C N-Smart™