Heating & Dry Heat Sterilization

Sample conditioning and testing at varied temperatures


NÜVE is an acknowledged master of temperature controlled environment equipment. We offer a wide range of heating and dry sterilization instruments.  The choice is broad in capacities as well as in models.  We are sure that you will find an instrument that really matches your requirements among the products on offer.

FN 055/120 models of Dry Heat Sterilizers/Ovens offer compact design for optimize the use of bench space and provide stable conditions up to 250°C. N-Prime™ control system allows to store the operating program on a memory stick.

FN 400/500 Dry Heat Sterilizers/Ovens are available in aluminum interior for faster temperature change for varying applications or stainless steel for robust operation, this series responds to multiple requirements. The internal memory of N-Prime™ control system keeps the data of last 125 days.

KD 200/400 Ovens are aimed at drying and heating, with their larger capacity and vertical format for improved airflow. KD Series have N-Prime™ control system to ensure accurate conditions.

Model Capacity (Litre) Temperature  Range °C Control System
FN 055/120 55 / 120 Ambient+5/250°C N-Prime™
FN 400/500
FN 400P/500P
44 / 120
42 / 110
Ambient+5/250°C N-Prime™
KD 200/400 200 / 380 70 / 250°C N-Prime™