Climatic and Growth Chambers

For total environmental control


NÜVE offers instruments designed to ensure precise environmental conditions for a very broad spectrum of markets, from plant biology to pest control and from chemicals to pharmaceuticals. If you need to provide a specific environment for almost any kind of testing, you are sure to find the instrument for your needs within our range.

The variety of applications is so great that we have invested substantially in research and development to ensure that these products can handle you materials and ensure that your protocols are applied to the letter.

ID 301 climatic test cabinet is the ideal partner when carrying out stability testing, ageing and storage tests. Particularly rugged, it can withstand dramatic changes in temperature and recovery times are rapid. N-Wise™ control system makes the programming easier. Movable probes assure that collected data comes directly from the samples themselves.

GC 401 growth chamber provides homogeneous lighting for equal growth throughout the chamber and offers multiple lighting levels. A powerful programming system of N-Wise™ control system with 7'' touch screen guarantees adherence to required conditions of T°C, humidity and lighting and enables remote control by PC. N-Wise™ control system with  

TK Series test cabinets replicate environmental conditions with heat, light and day & night cycles. An internal glass door permits observation while the microprocessor control (as on all units) provides full run information and self-monitors the instrument.


Model Temp. Range °C
Humidity Range %RH  
Max. Light (lux)
ID 301 Climatic Test Cabinet -40 / +150°C 15 / 98 ----
GC 401 Growth Chamber -10 / +60°C 20 / 90 20,000
TK 120/252/600 Test Cabinets -10 / +60°C 20 / 95 6,000 / 12,000 / 12,000