Micro to multifunction...


With operator safety as its primary design objective, NÜVE has developed a range of robust and reliable centrifuges providing excellent performance and offering wide-ranging versatility.

Each instrument in the range has a selection of accessories that enable it to respond to multiple applications and thus reduce the budget necessary to achieve the objectives of the laboratory.

NF 024 Bench Top Centrifuge is especially designed for the high speed centrifugation requirements. 

One single unit, NF 048 micro/hematocrit centrifuge, can spin all known micro tubes and with the supplementary rotor carry out hematocrit preparation.

Ideal for small clinical laboratories, but also useful as a standby instrument in larger labs, the NF 200 small centrifuge is designed to accept the most popular sample tubes for preparation prior to analysis in a small footprint.

NF 400 medium capacity bench top centrifuge is also available in refrigerated format as NF 400R. These low speed models with swing-out, angle and micro plate rotors correspond to the requirements of many medical and scientific laboratories.

Multi-purpose centrifuges, NF 800/800R and NF 1200/1200R, covering low and high speed operation in ventilated and refrigerated format are available with capacities of up to 30x15 ml tubes for NF 800/800R or 48x15 ml tubes for NF 1200/1200R in swing-out rotors, offering a series of angle rotors with adapters and a dedicated micro plate rotor.


Model Max. rpm Max. RCF (xg) Max. Capacity
NF 048 14.000 / 12.000 ( Angle/Haematocrit Rotor) 18.188 / 14.881 24x2 ml / 24xCapillary Tube
NF 200 5.000 2.822 12x15 ml
NF 400/400R 4.100 / 4.100 (Swing-out / Angle Rotor) 2.819 / 2.142 4x100 ml / 30x15 ml
NF 800/ 800/R 4.100 / 14.000 (Swing-out / Angle Rotor) 3.045 / 18.407 4x200 ml / 6x50 ml
NF 1200/1200R 4.100 / 14.000 (Swing-out / Angle Rotor) 3.082 / 20.170 4x280 ml / 6x100 ml