Blood Banking

Controlled temperature & conditioning


NÜVE has created specific instruments for the blood banking sector to complement the broad range of general laboratory equipment, much of which is also ideal for use in a blood bank.

The range covers the needs of all types of blood bank from a local satellite unit to a fully functional city blood center. In addition to these products, please be sure to check out the other product groups such as centrifugation, cold storage, LAF and safety cabinets and steam sterilization.

KN 72/120/294 Blood Bank Refrigerators can accommodate from 72 to 294 blood bags. They are packed with features to make them pleasant and convenient to use while offering all of the technology necessary to ensure that your blood stocks are preserved in ideal conditions.

PN 150 Platelet Incubator has been specifically constructed to ensure that the platelets are maintained at the highest level of quality and provide traceability to enable proof of storage to be provided.

KN series blood bank refrigerators and PN 150 platelet incubator are powered by N-Smart™ control system which offers advance monitoring, traceability and safety.

PS 54 Platelet Agitator has been designed for providing optimum conditions to prevent aggregation during a short storage period. They have also been made to fit inside the dedicated incubators.


Model Bags
Capacity (Litres)  
Temp. Range °C
KN Series BB Refrigerators 72-294 200- 630 0/10°C
PN 150 Platelet Incubator 54 150 20/35°C
PS 54 Platelet Agitator 54 - - - - - -