Steam Sterilization

From small laboratory to industrial scale

Core products from NÜVE, whose considerable experience is underlined by the large range and variety of steam sterilizers that we manufacture, the OT family covers all needs from compact bench top units to large, semi-industrial machines.

Different users operate in different ways, so NÜVE has responded with a choice of configurations to suit everyone. All instruments are designed to the highest levels of safety and we have third party certification to international pressure vessel standards.

OT 012 is a small bench top unit for unpacked medical or dental instruments. Although compact, it has an intelligent N-Prime™ control system.

B and VS bench top models are three of the latest models developed from the most popular workhorses that have established NÜVE as the reference brand in many laboratories. Offering compliance with B and S type sterilization as cited in EN 13060, plus fractionated vacuum for bubble elimination, check this range for amazing performance and design characteristics.

Responding to research needs demanding special sterilization applications, the OT 40L and OT 90L compact, floor-standing models are ideal for culture media and are carefully designed to operate with liquids. They also protect sensitive materials such as glass with their fractionated exhaust.

Aimed hospital applications, OT 100V floor model is fully automated and has advanced technology to handle textiles, wrapped materials and sensitive products. Offering programs for Bowie & Dick, Helix and vacuum leakage, that advanced unit conforms to the large steam sterilizer standard EN 285.

For medium size sterilization centers, OT 150/150D horizontal is the best solution in terms of price/performance ratio. They are equipped with N-Smart™ control system which offers easy control, total traceability and remote access through NuveCom™ communication unit. Besides ready to use seven  preset programs, it is possible to make twelve different custom made programs.

Technology champions, OT 300/430/570/710 horizontal models are all that a dedicated sterilization service could hope for. An air cooling system eliminates costly cooling water consumption and is environmentally friendly. A video graphic control system gives comprehensive access to all parameters and tracking of cycles is stored in the memory.



Model Capacity (L) Pogramas Recording
OT 012 12 Manual Memory stick
OT 23B 
OT 23VS/32VS
23 / 32 5+2 free

Memory, memory stick, printer,PC

OT 40L/90L 40/90 5+3 free Memory, memory stick, printer,PC
OT 100V 100 5+ 12free

Memory, memory stick, printer,PC

OT 150/150D 150 7+12 free Memory, memory stick, printer,PC
OT 430D/570D/710D
300/430/570/710 9+50 free Memory, memory stick, printer,PC