EV 018 Vacuum Oven

Compact with versatile controls

Protection of heat labile samples during drying is assured by using EV 018 Vacuum Oven. The microprocessor-based N-Prime™ control system with PID temperature regulation and sheet heaters provide accurate application of the selected parameter values.

A compact design, heat-treated glass observation window and easy clean rounded corners in the chamber make the unit convenient to use. Ball valves are provided for vacuum connection and for back filling with air or inert gas.

A vacuum gauge and two bright digital displays can be seen for a distance. For safety, an independent thermostat takes charge should there be any failure.


  • Useful volume: 15 liters.
  • Temperature range: 70°C / 200°C.
  • Ideal design for gentle drying of heat labile samples and experiments under inert gasses.
  • Reliable and accurate N-Prime™ programmable PID microprocessor control system.
  • User friendly control panel including large bright LED displays for temperature and time.
  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push.
  • Password protected menu to secure the operation.
  • Programmable alarm limits.
  • Data recording on memory stick by means of USB port up to 125 days.
  • Programmable delayed start function.
  • Highly visible dual displays for temperature and time.
  • Stainless steel chamber with high resistance to corrosion, most of the chemical vapors and contamination.
  • One piece gasket made of silicon, simply fitted directly on the oven body.
  • Vacuum gauge on the control panel.
  • Two ball valves for vacuum connection and adding dry air or inert gasses.
  • Heat-treated glass window on the door.
  • Safety thermostat as standard.