New instrument management system N-Smart™

Now, NÜVE products are smarter, wiser and closer...

We want you to get the most out of your NÜVE product. That is why we put so much thought into enabling them to achieve so much. Each instrument is designed to respond to multiple user needs and permit you to obtain the results that you are looking for in a range of situations.

Building upon its decades of experience, serving customers in over 100 countries, NÜVE introduces a powerful global instrument management system. N-Smart™ is installed in a wide range of instruments offering control, monitoring and data registration. 

Although actual parameters may differ from one instrument to another, the operating method remains identical, making life easy for our customers. 

NÜVE listens, creates and delivers…


Maximum information - 4.3’’ TFT colourful display

Versatile & easy to use – Four context-sensitive function keys

Secured run parameters and data - Password protected menu


Easy to understand - 5 Languages: Turkish, English, French, Russian, Spanish

Use your preferred language - Can edit the text into any language using the Latin alphabet   

Immediate understanding - Icons make the operations easier

Full traceability - Operating parameters tracked digitally or graphically against time

Alarms clearly displayed - Red colour warns the user in case of any alarm condition

Fault analysis speeds recovery - Detailed description of the failure with HELP menu


nsamrt2 Data always available - Communication unit for traceability and remote access

Secure data backup  – Save parameters on memory stick connected to USB port 

World-wide access - Ethernet port for internet connection

Local area networking -
Remote access via ethernet connection

Get rapid support –
Can send e-mails with the details of any failure

Follow and save operating parameters -
PC interface and NuveCloser™ software

Pre-configured reporting saves time -
NuveCloser™ software to access the operating parameters, failure history, memory and other technical parameters

Fast corrective action -
AlerText™ GSM alarm module can send the details of any alarm condition to up to 5 mobile phone numbers, including emergency service backup 24/7/365<

Remote control -
NuveCloser™ feature offers multiple interfacing


Massive data storage - Internal memory stores the records up to ten years with one hour intervals, digitally and graphically 

Selectable data recording frequency - Set the recording intervals as 10 or 30 seconds, 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes to store in a memory stick 

nsmart3       nsmart4

Failure analysis support – Service staff can recall stored failure history

More efficient servicing - Password protected service section for software updates, calibration and technical parameter setting 

Quick set up - Easy to set up NÜVE products with which N-Smart is used

Simple reset – Can return to the factory settings if any parameter is changed by mistake

Freezing by Contact
NÜVE DirectFREEZE Contact Freezing System

Imagine the difference between touching a frozen surface and just feeling the cold by being near one. That is the difference between DirectFREEZE™ from NÜVE and an ordinary deep freezer.

All for Transfusion
NÜVE - Transfusion

Dedicated to handling blood components in the donation and satellite bags, our refrigerators, incubators and platelet agitators respond to your needs.

Check out our Support
NÜVE Support

NÜVE offers you comprehensive support, including useful tips, service backup and more with a knowledgeable team of experienced specialists.

The Right Choice for the Right Results

The Right Choice for the Right Results

Your one stop shop for a wide range of laboratory equipment

Solid experience in laboratory instrumentation

NÜVE is a world class manufacturer of a wide range of laboratory and sterilization instruments. Building upon our 45 years of experience we offer excellent choice and value and, above all, full support to our customers.

Worldwide availability and support

With a worldwide distributor network operating in  over 100 countries, there is sure to be one close at hand. He can advise and guide you in the choice of product most suitable to your needs and budget, provide installation and training and ensure that you have qualified service backup throughout the life of your NÜVE instrument. And judging by our track record for reliability, that product lifetime is likely to be a very long one, giving you an excellent return on your investment.

A complete range

The NÜVE product range is comprehensive, covering the essential core products for most laboratories, whether this is for ovens, incubators, centrifuges, climatic and test chambers, dry or steam sterilization devices, freezers, laminar flow and safety cabinets, water baths and stills, blood bank instruments... you are certain to find a product to please you.



Total Care for your Cultures

Now even more products... for cell and molecular biology

A wide range of products already

NÜVE has been well known as a manufacturer of reliable laboratory instruments for 4 decades. Our reputation for offering outstanding value is widely established and, as a result, our market share is increasing year by year.  Our presence is extending to more and more countries as the demand for our products increases, so you should be able to find a NÜVE supplier close to you.

Our market is increasing

Best known for our routine instruments used across a huge variety of laboratory types, including medical, environmental, heavy industrial, military and more, NÜVE is expanding its offer with products dedicated to cell and molecular biology. As our customers have come to expect, we are introducing innovative design and technical advances, while still keeping to our prive objective of offering you excellent value for money.

More new instruments

The first of the new instruments is our EC 160 CO2 incubator.

NÜVE EC 160 CO2 Incubator

EC 160 CO2 Incubator

Providing an environment as close as possible to nature itself is the fundamental basis of the design of the EC 160 CO2 incubator.

One of NÜVE's newest instruments, developed from years of operating in the cell culture market, the EC 160 CO2 Incubator offers the researcher all that is required to ensure optimum cell culture conditions with its LifeCell™ control software. Reproducible and reliable cell growth is dependent upon three critical parameters, temperature, CO2 concentration and relative humidity. 

Temperature is primordial as cell growth drops dramatically only a degree different from the ideal temperature. The air-jacketed chamber provides homogeneous thermal conditions beating DIN 12880.

Temperature also has a direct impact in the relative humidity level as they are directly related. A 1 °C drop in temperature can result in a very significant 10 % drop in RH. EC 160 maintains >95 % RH throughout the growth cycle.


Centrifugation Products

See all of our centrifugation products. NÜVE offers a full range from micro to multi-function with a great selection of accessories to enable you to operate a variety of protocols.

International Certification
NÜVE Certification

The quality of a service is best judged by others. NÜVE is certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and more. Proof of commitment to quality and customer support.

Climatic & Growth Chamber Applications
NÜVE Climatic & Growth Chamber Applications

NÜVE climatic, test and growth chambers enable evaluation of products and provide proof of fitness of samples. Here, we offer a list of examples, many with links to their sources.